Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Projects
What is unique about our services and sets us apart, is the belief that every project we do is more than concrete and steel, it is about the future prosperity of the Iraqi people. Therefore, we complete our work with integrity and we have a constructive partnership with our clients. ASHCO carries out infrastructure construction projects in all aspects of public and private sectors, from installing foundations of highways to building bridges; We are a civil construction company that does it all. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand the projects from different perspective levels. This enables us to offer specialized services in project and construction management, pre-construction services, design-build and general contracting.
Transportation Projects
Transportation Projects
ASHCO performs all types of transportation related construction services. Using the latest technologies and equipment, we offer our clients all aspects of construction including all the works of grading, aggregate production, granular base course placement, paving and bridge construction and steel structures.
Power Distribution & Telecommunication Facilities
Power Distribution & Telecommunication Facilities
ASHCO has the capacity, resources and experience to offer full services of power distribution and telecommunication projects from conception to completion (e.g. power and transmission projects).We are a key partner to our clients by achieving the highest quality, reliability and project safety. Telecommunication projects require expertise and creative solutions. At ASHCO we have the ability and equipment to plan, design, and execute reliable systems for all types of telecommunication facilities including telephone exchangers, cables and fiber optic systems, etc.
Logistics Support Services
Logistics Support Services
Iraq has a high demand for property maintenance and renovation. This requires qualified manpower and reliable equipment to execute the task perfectly. We at ASHCO have the modern technology to complete the most renovation projects using our company's modern, heavy-duty machines, Which can deliver the best results.
Our scope of business
Waste water and drinking water projects
Irrigation to facilities
Infrastructure projects and facilities
Transport and install high tension towers
Medical facilities
Roads, bridges and railways projects
Industrial and mechanical renovation projects