Electric and Phone Cables Company in the Isolation Gas Station in Majnoon Field
Extending and Welding the First Stage of Gas Pipeline in Southern Rumaila
Building Warehouses for Al Najibiyah Electricity Station
Building a Bank for the Distribution of Salaries in Bab Al-Zubair
Pouring Concrete Yards and Pools for Fields Filter Systems
Extending the Network of Communication Cables in Qayyarah
Soil Replacement for the Residential Complex Site
Establishment the Power Plant and its Affiliate Buildings
Testing and Operating the Oil Pipeline of Kirkuk-Baiji-Haditha
Restoration Works for the Third Floor of Seef Branch
Tiling Storage Yards and the Roads of Abi Dhar al-Ghufari Complex in Basra
Construction of the Rasheed Bank Building in Qurna
Restoration and Expansion Works in Azizyah Branch
Ramadi Modern Road
The Establishment of a Facility to Control the Water Pollution of Oil Valley
The Building and Pouring of Concrete Cutting to Protect the Wells in Ajil Oil Fields
Laying and Welding oil Pipelines and Valve Complex Expansion
Treating the Corrosion of Shatt al-Arab
Water Networks Extension in Makhmour District
The Preparation and Installation of a Water Unit with a Capacity of 200 M in Al Duar
The Development of Landscape between the Societies and Al-Hussein Neighborhood
The Development of the College of Education Building for Women
The Implementation of Kashkan Dam in Dohuk Governorate
Establishment of a Pumping Station in Al Zuhour Neighborhood
The Implementation and Maintenance of Rebiya / Sheilh Road
The Preparation, Installation, and Operation of a Medical Oxygen Laboratory in the City of Ramadi
The Establishment of Al Raeda Rural Road in Muwafaqiya
Reclaiming the lands of Kote, Batirah and Sector 4 Project in Wasit Province.
The Execution of the road linking between Al Hufaz Bridge and Nazim No. 4
Changing the Course of Shatt Al-Diwaniya
The First Stage of the Rehabilitation of Debuni Jassan of 57-KM length.
The Establishment of the Sunni Waqf Directorate in Basra
Building a Multi-storey Parking Building
The Establishment of the Fire Station in Al Muthanna Air Base
The Design and River Execution of the Concrete Bridge in the Muwafaqiya Garraf